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'Cause even when I dream of you, The sweetest dream would never do, I'd still miss you baby and I don't wanna miss a thing.

Yeah okay, I love AEROSMITH. They just fucking remind me of 90s. I love everything about 90s. Music, style, clothing, !faded photos! and just...everything. Haters can leave now. I'm gonna write the whole article in English. Oh my god, I'm so cool and alternative it hurts! You know what's the best? NO ONE of people I don't want to read this blog can speak English good enough to read this. So I can say anything I fucking want now.

The first thing I wanted to say so badly for over three weeks is - sometimes I really don't know what the hell I want. There was a guy. A guy with that "Bring Me The Horizon shirt". I liked him from the beginning of the school year. You know, he was that mysterious, handsome guy that went to class with me. Okay, so we got to know each other. I liked him even more and he liked me too, as seemed at the beginning. It happened in rainy Monday morning.
We were sitting in the class. Suddenly he stood up, walked up to me and kissed me.
I was like: Oh my god, did the guy I like so much really kiss me? But everybody in the school knew what happened the very next day.
And this was the beginning of the end. I started to notice his imperfections. How he swore not to tell anybody. How he was flirting with every girl he met. He was acting like nothing ever happened between us and it was so fucking weird - we were in the same class!
He's still blaming me for everything that happened. But I need to let it go. To forget about him and everything what he meant to me. He's gone. It's okay, he just...he was a completely different person when I first met him. And he's a poseur (what makes things considerably easier).

I'm a happy person actually. I have a loving family, some really good friends and music, the most important thing in my life. I'd like to have a time machine, so I could travel through the centuries. I'd like to live in 80s or 90s. Why the hell was I born so late?

Are you bitches having fun? Because I am ^^

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1 Lucyje Lucyje | Web | 22. october 2012 at 21:33 | React

Awww, 90's! Best part of history! Oh fuck, nobody has no idea how much I want to have time travel and visit 90's.

And the guywithBringMeTheHorizonTshirt is probably just a big asshole, 'the best boy' for you waits somewhere and I'm sure you will find him soon, because.. you have fun, and when people have fun good things happens to them.^^

and, by the way, SERU CIHLY Z TOHO TVÝHO DYZAJNU! úžasný *_*

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